This is one of our best stories. We were hired by a client here in Maine to produce a marketing video for a new invention, a tarp deployment device to be used in covering landfills. It was a hot, smelly and dirty job as filmed at a local landfill highlighting the equipment in operation and capturing testimonies.

The final product was a 10-minute marketing piece and an operational and maintenance video. The video worked so well for our client, that within a month, he not only sold some units, but he ended up selling the entire company to Tarp Armor in Arkansas. Two years later the DSM team was asked to come to Kansas to film modifications, new testimonies and aerial footage of the new units in operation at a very large landfill.

Once again it was a great experience for DSM as we learned the in and outs of landfill operations. We met a great new friend (our client Shannon) and enjoyed some awesome Kansas City barbeque.

Client's Feedback

The crew at Digital Spirit Media is disciplined to drill into the details on the front end to define the project and then Andy’s creativity and adventurous spirit produces the very cool results. They never shy away from the hard work it takes in the field and in the studio to get it right. And all that comes with the honesty, integrity, and experience you want from a supplier of custom work. I trust them so much with my projects I have flown them halfway across the country to meet aggressive schedules.
Shannon Harrop – Director of Information, Tarp Armor