The Maine Forest Products Council in partnership with the Maine Tree Foundation came to DSM with a request to help the create a job recruitment video to attract candidates to the forest products industry.

Rick and Andy preparing for flight

The DSM team spent a year hanging out with loggers from the tip of Maine to the south. We filmed skidders, harvesters, forwarders and all the heavy equipment used in harvesting wood. We interviewed salt of the earth Mainer’s who have spent generations in the logging industries.

Andy installing GoPros

Now in Maine, the best time to log in the middle of the winter – when everything is frozen – including the camera gear. But the DSM team is used to working out in the outdoor environments of Maine, in fact we thrive on it. The final product was a 10 minute video used in school guidance office and public forums. And again, we made friends, had many laughs and produced a great tool for the industry.

Client's Feedback

“Digital Spirit Media did an exceptional job for the Maine Forest Products Council and Maine TREE Foundation on the production of our “This is my office – Maine” video, which allowed loggers across the state to talk about working in one of Maine’s legendary professions. Andy and his team are very professional, but even more important they know how to help people feel comfortable telling their stories. The video exceeded everyone’s expectations and also was right on budget. I would recommend Digital Spirit Media to anyone who has a story that needs to be told.”
Roberta Scruggs – Maine Forest Products Council